Hi There! I'm Jessica, owner and founder of Pickletown Flower Co

Lots of people ask about my story - how the company got its name, the reason for the truck, the passion behind it. I'd love to tell you about it.

It started when I lived in New York City. My connection with flowers was nurtured by daily walks past the flower markets on New York City’s 28th street, resplendent with blooms and bustling with busy florists. The immersive beauty of those shops—the way they affected each sense, turning a city block of concrete into a magical manifestation of nature—led me to career choices that always flirted with my blooming love for floral design. And after several years, the birth of two wonderful children, and a move to Colorado, I decided to turn my passion into a floral business that defied convention.

And the journey was unconventional, too. I nearly lost my life shortly after the birth of my son, and spent the next four years of motherhood rehabilitating. Creative floral design became a source of healing, and my dream of a future floral business was shaped and refined by my struggle with—and victory over—my trauma. The realizations that arose during that period of healing became hallmarks of Pickletown Flower Co.

First: time and talent are precious, so care and intent go into every facet of the company.

Second: the ability to create and curate beauty can be a source of happiness and healing for others, just as they are for the creator.

Most importantly: that being an awesome floral designer/business owner and an awesome mom can go hand in hand; one does not preclude the other. This ethos has led to a company rooted in accessibility. Flowers are for anyone who deserves beauty.

And for me, that means everyone.

The Truck

Now you may be wondering, "What about that cute truck?". I know, it's adorable, right? As I thought about various models for starting a floral company, I quickly realized that the traditional paths were not for me. I don't like to be hemmed in. At. All.

Going mobile literally meant that I could take my flowers anywhere. I absolutely love rolling up to a spot, unloading baskets of flowers, and seeing the delight on people's faces when they experience gorgeous blooms. Bringing the flowers to people is one part of the accessibility factor for us, but that's not all. When we have a pop up, anyone can buy flowers. We price by the stem starting as low as $1. This means that we can get the prettiest, most diverse blooms out there for anyone and everyone.

The truck brings our blooms to events, private parties, local shops, restaurants, businesses, office parks, you name it. We can bring beauty.

Our Style & Approach

At Pickletown, we believe flowers are Nature’s art.

They draw us into their beauty; engaging our senses with fragrance, color, and texture.

Our signature style purposefully highlights each one of these elements. We use blooms ranging from showy and delicate to steady and long-lasting.

Our dried product, which is included in every design, can last forever providing beauty long after the fresh blooms have faded.

We search all over the world for the most unique and interesting blooms. During the summer months, we focus our search in Colorado and California. We love our local flower farmers and seek to actively support their businesses. During other times of the year, when domestic flower production is lower, we source from farms across the world. As we continue to grow as a company, we strive more and more to connect with our growers and understand the source of our products.




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