Flowers are a means for connection.


Hi There! I'm Jessica, owner and founder of Pickletown Flower Co

Lots of people ask about my story - how the company got its name, the reason for the truck, the passion behind it. I'd love to tell you about it.

It started when I lived in New York City. My connection with flowers was nurtured by daily walks past the flower markets on New York City’s 28th street, resplendent with blooms and bustling with busy florists. The immersive beauty of those shops—the way they affected each sense, turning a city block of concrete into a magical manifestation of nature—led me to career choices that always flirted with my blooming love for floral design. And after several years, the birth of two wonderful children, and a move to Colorado, I decided to turn my passion into a floral business that defied convention.

And the journey was unconventional, too. I nearly lost my life shortly after the birth of my son, and spent the next four years of motherhood rehabilitating. Creative floral design became a source of healing, and my dream of a future floral business was shaped and refined by my struggle with—and victory over—my trauma. The realizations that arose during that period of healing became hallmarks of Pickletown Flower Co.

Over time Pickletown Flower Co has grown and changed tremendously. From a flower truck, to long-term pops ups in downtown Denver, to nationwide shipping to large scale events. Each season has been full of adventure and joy.

PTFCo is now growing into a new era of E-Commerce. Sending our flowers and DIY kits across the country and into more homes.

Dried Flowers

If you've shopped or experienced flowers at Pickletown in the past, you may be wondering what happened to our fresh flowers? In early 2023, I made the decision to move the company away from fresh florals to focus on everlasting dried florals. I love the long-lasting aspect of dried flowers. I love the color options and design possibilities. Our goal is to continue delighting our customers with floral beauty that is unexpected and unique.

E-Commerce Approach

Pickletown was started as a Denver based company providing an array of floral experiences to our customers. We have loved designing onsite and bringing our truck to various events around metro Denver. In 2023, my family and I made the decision to move from Colorado to Tennessee. As a result, my once locally based business has become a nationwide e-commerce business. Although we are no longer offering in person classes, you will soon be able to buy our DIY kits online.




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