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The Mobile Flower Shop

Popping Up All over Metro Denver

We are captivated by the diversity of beauty that can only be found in flowers–the endless combinations of color, shape, fragrance, and energy, joining together to become something totally novel and exhilarating. Each bouquet that we create is an attempt to capture a small part of that wild beauty, and to share it with others. That’s why Pickletown decided to put our flower studio on wheels—you’ll find us popping up all over Metro Denver, Golden, and Littleton, bringing our vibrant blooms to you.



With a Bouquet Coterie membership, you’ll never be without fresh flowers. Our truck will drop off an abundance of diverse blooms at one of our local partner businesses, once a month. And when you come to get your flowers, you’ll receive special perks at your pickup location.



Pickletown Flower Co. is dedicated to supporting the local flower farming movement currently blossoming across the country. During the Colorado growing season, we cultivate a special selection of blooms at our own Pickletown Farms in Littleton, and source others from nearby Colorado farms whenever possible. In the winter months—when flowers bring much-needed warmth and color to our lives—we purchase most of our flowers from sunny California farms just a few states away. And with a single mobile storefront, we can connect local farms to local people while minimizing our footprint and protecting the earth.